Mexico will send 26,000 workers to canada in 2019


The government of Mexican President López Obrador announced that it was sending 26,000 workers to Canada under the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP). The Mexican government guaranteed that they would be accompanied to ensure their human and labour rights were respected. The announcement was made by Mexican Undersecretary of Employment and Labour Productivity Horacio Duarte at a farewell ceremony at the Mexico City airport for 254 workers travelling to British Columbia on 21 March. He said ensuring safe and organized labour mobility was one of the Mexican government’s priorities. Several Mexican government departments are in touch with the Canadian government to ensure human rights and labour rights for the Mexican workers. Ambassador Jacob Prado González, director general for the protection of Mexicans abroad, encouraged Mexican workers to report irregularities in the workplace or in terms of benefits, as well as any accidents. The author expressed hope that the Mexican government will demand better fulfilment of labour standards by Canadian employers through the Canadian authorities, as SAWP has frequently been criticized for abuse and poor working conditions.