Labour market impact assessment in bc Fraser Valley

In the fast-growing Canadian economic condition, the only way to survive for any business is to look for the best resource. It is not possible to always find a suitable Canadian worker considering the limited candidates and specialists. That is when companies choose to hire potential and skilled foreign workers. However, employers must get positive LMIA feedback before offering employment in Canada.

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Introduction to LMIA

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), formerly known as Labor Market Opinion (LMO), is essential for every Canadian work permit while hiring a temporary foreign worker. An LMIA is a labour market verification process by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). The organization assesses all the offers of employment to ensure that a foreign worker’s job will have a positive or neutral effect on the Canadian labour market.

The LMIA process differs depending on whether the targeted employee is classified as a low-wage or high-wage worker. Temporary foreign workers who are paid under the territorial/provincial median wage are classified as low-wage. In contrast, workers who are paid at or above are differentiated as high-wage. Specific, explicit provisions apply based on whether a prospective employee is a high-wage or low-wage worker.

Getting an LMIA

To get a positive LMIA, employers need to prove their eligibility and provide evidence that they have tried to find a competent employee in Canada.  It is also essential to show they have adequately advertised the vacancy properly for long enough. All this needs to be done by the employer or his recruiter, regardless of having a matching candidate abroad.

To know more about the procedures and regulations of applying for an LMIA in the Fraser Valley of BC, consult with us. We are here to move your business smoothly through the process.