Family Class

Sponsor your Spouse and Children

In the era of globalization, people all over the world travel a lot and meet people from other countries. And they fall in love and get married to people from abroad. Do you want to bring your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend to Canada permanently? Canada allows spousal and dependent children sponsorship for Canadian residents. El Camino will help your family to unite in Canada.

Sponsor your Parents or Grandparents

Are you worried about your old parents or grandparents living alone in your homeland? Isn’t it great if you can bring them to live with you in Canada? El Camino can help you to sponsor your parents or grandparents and help them to immigrate to Canada.

Economic Class

Immigrate via Express Entry

In 2015, Canada introduced a new immigration selection system Express Entry. It allows successful candidates to immigrate to Canada in six months! Express Entry serves three federal programs: Federal Skilled Workers, Federal Skilled Trades, and Canadian Experience Class Program. El Camino will prepare and submit your profile to Express Entry!

Immigrate via Provincial Nominee Programs

Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories. The local government of each of them has developed its own immigration programs. Our experts can help to find a proper province for your work occupation and help you to apply for a nomination of the province.

Are you an Entrepreneur?

If you have experience as a businessman and enough capital, you can buy part or a complete Canadian company or start up a branch of your home country company.  Our professionals can guide you in your Business Plan and the whole process.

Apply as Self-Employed

If you are a professional in sports or culture, you can continue your success in Canada. Check with us your eligibility.


If caring for others is your passion and have professional experience or studies working with older adults or children, there are also opportunities for you.



Are you a Permanent Resident of Canada for at least three years? Do you want to become a Citizen of the Maple Leaf Country? El Camino will help you to prepare the documents and will guide you in your application to become a Canadian citizen.



Apply for a Temporary Resident Visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization

Would you like to travel to Canada? Canadian nature is one of the most beautiful on the planet and Canadian people are the most hospitable in the world! To visit Canada, you might need a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). El Camino will help you to get it.

Apply for a Super Visa for your Parents or Grandparents

The Canadian government also allows parents or grandparents of permanent residents of Canada to obtain a multi-entry visa to Canada for up to ten years! Super Visa can give you peace of mind for several years.

Apply for a Work Permit in Canada

Canadian labour market enables workers a decent salary and protected rights. Being one of the most developed economies, Canada provides employment to thousands of foreign workers. However, you need to get a Work Permit and a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). El Camino will guide you and your employer to begin your cooperation!

Apply for a Study Permit in Canada

Canadian education is one of the most esteemed in the world. Moreover, a study in Canada opens the door for plenty of immigration opportunities. However, you need to obtain a study permit to be allowed to study here! El Camino will help you to get a study permit!

Apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit in Canada

Did you complete an academic program at a Canadian university or college? It is now a time to apply for a Post-Graduate Work Permit that will allow you to stay in Canada after graduation. Our company can make your transfer from an international student to a foreign worker smooth and easy!



Extend or Change your Conditions of your Visitor, Study or Work Permit

Extend or change on time the conditions of your permit in Canada, and maintain legal status. Do not take risks with your immigration record!


Did you forget to renew your status in Canada? If you are within 90 days from your permit expiration date, we can help you. Hurry!

Permanent Resident Card Renewal

Have you complied with your PR obligation? Do not expose your PR status and renew it on time.


Are you inadmissible to Canada? Maybe it is time to apply for rehabilitation. We can do it for you.


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