Canadian Immigration Summit to explore immigration in a fast-changing World

Immigration is an important driver in a fast-changing world — that idea is the foundation of this year’s Conference Board of Canada’s Canadian Immigration Summit 2019 to be held in Ottawa, on May 8-9. The purpose of the 2019 summit is to explore how Canada can respond proactively to emerging immigration issues in a rapidly changing world. With more than 400 delegates, the summit will examine key drivers of economic, social and technological change that could affect the Canadian immigration system. Expert speakers will challenge attendees to expand their horizons by testing their underlying assumptions and getting them to think and plan beyond the short-term. The topics will also include the global refugee population, which is at an all-time high, and what Canada can do to help; and how Canada can remain a destination of choice for immigrants and international students as other countries offer improved economic opportunity to their citizens and global talent.