One-third of Chinese from Hong Kong want to immigrate to Canada

According to recent research, at least one-third of Chinese from Hong Kong want to immigrate to Canada. 8% of respondents expressed they are looking for a new home that is not as fast-paced and promotes a more balanced work environment. The work-life imbalance has always been an issue experienced by people living and working in Hong Kong. Hence, Canada is very appealing in a sense that the country offers the balanced lifestyle that Chinese people long for. There were situations where Chinese Canadians moved back to Asia for work but chose to return to Canada because they could not keep up with the hectic lifestyle. Aside from work-life imbalance, many people are interested in moving to Canada to avoid political conflicts, class differences, and congested living environment in Hong Kong. In addition, the cost of living and housing prices are also ridiculously expensive. The cost of a 400 square feet home is $1 million CAD. Respondents all agree that Canada is not a place to make money, it is more suitable for the upper class to retire and enjoy a balanced life.